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Enjoy Your Special Day

The client's happiness is the most important thing in the world to DJ Johnny G. That’s why DJ Johnny G will go to great lengths to make sure every event's music is as amazing as it can be. When clients are happy, so is DJ Johnny G. 

Making sure the music being played suits your guests as well as your personal taste. DJ Johnny G has a very simple yet powerful mission: believe in doing excellent work with great clients. From discussing about your event to making your event the highlight for your guests to remember by communicating closely to ensure great results.

With that being said, let’s talk about your next event.



Pure passionate about music, mixing one song to another song, going from one music genre to another within minutes.

DJ Johnny G feeds off of people's reaction and interaction while on the dance floor or when songs transition.

DJ Johnny G is a simple, polite, and direct individual that intends to make your special day packed with enjoyment and everlasting moments.

Enjoys to be unpredictable, surprising clients with an incredible performance.



Being on time, well-dressed, and fully prepared is what professionals do, is definitely what DJ Johnny G is about.

Noting down all the key points for your event is very crucial being a wedding, anniversary, or any type of event; DJs must know what you actually need and what is important to you.

DJ Johnny G provides essentials like a timeline/itinerary template making it very easy for you to plan out your event, informing songs request or performances and much more.


Peace of Mind

When booking DJ Johnny G, you can feel at ease that you have booked an experienced DJ that has done many events across different venues and locations. Doesn't matter what type of event or how large of an event, DJ Johnny G has seen it all and done it all. Knowing different cultures and traditions is a plus point of DJ Johnny G, meaning you need to explain less and enjoy more.

You might find an another option that saves so much money but at the end going with that option might make your event the most stressful day. Experience matters, quality matters, and your event matters. DJ Johnny G wants you to sit back and relax at your event, not be annoyed or stressed out.

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